Monday, April 18, 2016

When you find out Elder Holland is coming to your SCREAM‏

Hello Everybody! This week was a pretty great week! I think that Sister Kent and I got more done this week than I have ever in this area. It was really great! I loved it! Sister Kent and I are pretty different but when it comes to missionary work she is a hard worker and I am really really grateful for that. Also e found out this week that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to our mission! I AM SO STOKED! It am so grateful for the opportunity to hear from an apostle especially one of my favorite apostles. There was definitely a lot of miracles that we saw this week. I want to talk specifically about an awesome experience that we had both yesterday and today. Yesterday we were at the dreaded 8 o'clock hour. I wasn't really sure who we needed to see. But all through yesterday I kept getting this thought to visit this less active in the ward. Now we had visited her multiple times and she always refused to let us in. But I followed the prompting and we went to go see her. To my surprise she answered the door and she was in tears. She welcomed us in and told us everything that was going on and talked about she needs to come back to church and get her life back together. I feel so grateful for the spirit that directed me to where we needed to be. She received a priesthood blessing today. It was really powerful and she felt so at peace and ready to take on everything that is coming her way. It was really awesome and it was really a moment for me that helped my testimony grow so much because i know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and especially our diligence. Our area has been slow but I really needed yesterday and it was so great. Miracles really are happening all around us. I love it and this week has really shown me that. I really love this work and am so grateful to be able to be a missionary. I love you all. Always remember that God is always in the details!

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