Monday, April 18, 2016

please don't let my weaknesses overshadow my testimony‏

Hello Family and Friends!
My emails have been so bad lately. I am so sorry. I promise I will get
it together. Haha. This week was a pretty good week! Our area is a bit
slow right now so we have been trying to work with the members. That
has been slowly very very slowly working in our favor. Let's be real.
This ward isn't the most excited about missionary work. It is filled
with great members. Seriously they have some pretty awesome members
but there idea of missionary work is a little backwards. It's been
difficult to say the least but that's okay! The idea that majority of
them have is that missionary do all the work and they basically sit
back and watch it happen. No no no people we are full time teachers
and part time finders you are full time finders and part time
teachers. That is something I have developed a full testimony on.
Member missionary work is the absolute best way to go. We have been
spending a lot of time just trying to get our faces out there and make
a presence in the members lives.
In our mission we have been focusing on ch 9 of preach my gospel which
talks about finding people to teach. That has been really good for us.
We had a great district meeting on Tuesday talking all about how we
can better work with members that was fantastic. Our one and only
investigator right now has been slowly drifting away. Sad day. His
name is Dustin. His fiancée is a less active member. He has been
taking the lessons for like the last two months. He has a commitment
issue though. Seriously I have no idea how he has accepted the idea of
getting married. We've been teaching him and his fiancée every week
and he was progressing very slowly but nonetheless progressing. We
committed him with a baptismal date and everything was going good. He
even told his fiancée that he felt like the church was true. Green
lights people green lights. Now we have phased into a yellow light. We
haven't met with him in awhile and making contact has been hard. This
just goes to show that sometimes no matter how hard you try things
aren't always meant to work out the way that we plan them to. Ain't
that the truth. Can I get an Amen? Ha. No but really it has shown me
that having a real and true desire no matter what it is that we are
doing is everything. What is the point of doing something if we have
no desire in our hearts to do it?
There was a miracle of the week though! This week we contacted a
potential investigator named Deline. Her husband is a preacher for
another church (btw he is a funny funny man) and they are active in
that church. I've tried contacting her before with Sister Routt but I
didn't really see it going anywhere so when we contacted her again my
thought process was well this is a waste of time she isn't going to
listen to what we say. I WAS WRONG. We taught her the entire first
lesson and everything made sense to her. It even answered some of the
questions that she had. It was awesome. I felt like I was on fire. We
even made a return appointment to teach her about the Book of Mormon.
Who knows where it will go but I needed that little miracle! It was
Let's see. What else is there. Man writing emails on Monday is the
worst because I can never remember anything. Anyway I'm not sure if
anything else super outstanding happened. Wait. So on Friday our ward
had an auction for a young man in the ward that has cancer. IT WAS SO
COOL. I love the ward family that the church has no matter where you
go. It just testifies to me that this is where I should be. They all
came together and raised money for this guy and we got to be there.
Also did I ever mention that our church building is out of our
mission? I know so rebellious. But really it is and its weird. Usually
going out of mission on purpose will send you home but not us! Yay!
Also it's right by a pig farm and it smells RANCID.
Anyway I love you all. Thanks for your support! Vegas is so good!
Also real quick. Yesterday at church we had testimony meeting and
someone got up and said "Please don't let my weaknesses overshadow my
testimony" BAM I loved it. Ponder that thought. So long. Farewell.

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