Monday, April 18, 2016

7 months!‏

Hello Fam and Friends! How are you all?
It is a breezy 75 degrees today! The weather is the best right now.
Other than the fact that at night it gets cold but other than that I'm
loving this weather! This week has been a pretty good week. We had a
lot of meeting and stuff which are always just so fun (sarcasm).
Actually they were pretty good this week. I think probably the best
things that happened this week were on Saturday night. I had a baptism
from my last area that I was in for two weeks. It was awesome to see
Mike get baptized. After he went under he came up with the biggest
smile on his face and put his hands in the air. It was so great. I
feel so blessed to be able to bring people into this gospel. It truly
is the most rewarding work! Also at the baptism there was a woman
there named Jessica. She had been walking past the church building
when something just made her feel like she needed to come in. This
happened to be right at the time that the baptism was happening. I
talked to her the whole time and she cried saying that this was so
weird. It was super cool though because it really reminded me of why I
am here. It is so awesome to be able to help people recognize that
they need God in their lives. Other than that nothing to exciting
happened. We went on exchanges in the singles ward. Man I miss that
ward. It has probably been my favorite ward so far. Anyway sorry this
isn't to long but I love my mission! Today is 7 months out! So crazy!

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