Monday, April 18, 2016

He prepares a way!‏

Hello Everybody!
Today is transfer day! I will be staying in the Eldorado Highlands
Ward where I have been for the last two transfers and I will be
getting a new companion! Her name is Sister Kent! I don't know to much
about her other than she was Sister Hayes (current companion) Mtc
companion. They got along really well so I'm hoping that everything
will be good and we will be able to do a lot of work done this
transfer in our ward. Sister Hayes is getting transferred to another
area. The missionary work in the ward Has been a little slow but I'm
excited that I get to be here for at least another transfer because I
think I will finally be able to give it everything that I have. I
haven't been able to everything that I want to do in this area due
some health problems and other things going on but I feel like this
new transfer will bring a lot of miracles in our area as we work hard
and work diligently. God really does provide a way for us and I know
that if we do our part than he will do his! I'm excited and I'm ready
for this change!
This week was a pretty slow week. However this week we were going to
visit this part member family and we have been trying to get into
their house forever. Seriously I think we have knocked on their door
more times than I can count. (Exaggeration since I can count fairly
high) so one day we decided that we should go try them again and my
thought was like what is the point cause they are never home
anyway...but then a miracle happened. They were home. They let us in
and were really awesome people. Not only did we get into their house
and were able to meet them but it was also the only time that week
that they were both going to be home at the same time (crazy Vegas
work schedule). It was awesome and I am so grateful that Heavenly
Father blessed us with that awesome opportunity. They even signed up
to have us over for dinner! So cool.
We also spent Wednesday doing some service for a woman named Carol.
She has a hoarding problem. That was exciting. She also accused me of
stealing money and her rings. Lol. Anyway Carol holds a very special
place in my heart. She is such a sweet and kindhearted lately who is
struggling. I just want to help her so bad but man their are many
emotional issues that come with her hoarding. I've realized a lot
lately that I really enjoy working with people that are trying their
hardest to overcome their addictions. I'm not sure why but I love it
and it inspires me to gain greater strength. I just want them all to
know that the atonement of Jesus Christ can heal them. I just find it
completely and utterly miraculous for someone to overcome something so
huge and so hard. I love it.
Nothing else to exciting happened this week. We had a relief society
activity where a Brother in our ward who is from Hawaii sang a song
with the ukulele. There was a verse in the song that said "So pick up
your feet and walk to the beat because life is beautiful". I don't
know why that stood out to me so much but life really is beautiful. I
won't lie this last transfer has been so hard for me and a lot of the
time I have failed to take a step back and just be grateful but if
their is one thing that I have learned it would be that God always
prepares a way for things to be done and life really is a beautiful
experience. So put a smile on that face and enjoy it!

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