Monday, April 18, 2016

The email that is a mess. But still sent.‏

I'm sorry I haven't written a weekly email in a little bit but get
ready to here about all the crazy events of last week!
Last Monday my companion Sister Routt went home because she injured
herself and I got put with Sister Diaz and Sister Roberts. We are now
in a trio and we are covering three wards! It is crazy busy and hard
to manage our time in each of our wards but it has been an adventure.
I moved out of my apartment into their apartment on Monday and then
unpacked and then we got a call that said that we were all moving back
into my apartment so we all packed up and moved! It was a crazy day
and that is why I didn't get the chance to email much! I was a little
nervous about this change because I've heard that trios are hard but
it has been a pretty great week! We have a investigator set with a
date in our San Miguel ward! His name is Mike! He is progressing so
well and he really loves his scriptures! It is so awesome! This week
has actually been a miracle in itself. I'll be completely honest with
you all when I found out that I was going into this trio I was a mess.
I was really nervous. I received a blessing from an elder in my zone
and in it was said that I would be blessed with patience. If you know
me patience isn't something I do very well but man this week was a
miracle because we had a ton of fun, got work done and my patience
level completely increased. I just feel so blessed because it was
actually a good week. This email is not making any sense I'm sorry.
In on of our ward they have a tradition where every new missionary
that comes in has to partake in the fat burger challenge. in other
words on Saturday I ate a 24 oz burger to gain member trust. It was
the best and worse thing I could have ever done. There also is a super
awesome garden. They have the best broccoli. Anyway to I just feel so
grateful to be a missionary and help people understand that God loves
them and that he answers prayers! He really does. I hope that you all
can take the time to pray to our great father in heaven and he will
help you! I love you all! Remember that there is always something
bigger than yourself.

Sister Lauren Camilleri

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