Monday, April 18, 2016

Compassion and Charity the two attributes I don't have yet......‏

Hello Everybody!
This week has been pretty good! We were able to get in a lot more
lessons then we have in the past couple of weeks. We don't have many
solid people, that we are teaching right now but nonetheless we are
teaching lessons and sometimes that is all that we can do! This week
we had sisters conference! All the sisters in the mission got together
for some training's and it was like the best thing ever. The spirit was
so strong their and there was some many revelatory experiences for me.
I loved it and we'll quite frankly I needed it really bad too. I was
so grateful for the people that were there and who gave training's. One
of the training's was about personal ministry and how we can personal
minister like Christ does. It was really good. Let's just say that I
don't really know how I personally minister yet but that I've realized
that I need to be a more compassionate and full of Charity. Those two
attributes became very clear to me this week. I need to work on those.
They really are so important. After sisters conference we got together
with our Sister Training Leader and her companion to hash some things
out since my companion and her companion got in a huge fight. We have
to go on exchanges this week so we decided to make them talk it out.
It went pretty well and surprisingly enough my companion apologized to
her which I thought she would never do. It reminded me of something
that I learned from Sister Ahlander. She always say that we should
never be afraid to say sorry first even when we don't feel like we did
anything wrong. I've really been taking that and applying it into my
life because we all know I mess up a lot. It has been so great and it
has really shown me the difference on how our relationships can be.
Just do it first.
Yesterday we finally got in touch with a referral that we got from a
member. We have been trying him for so long and magically his garage
was open! He is the nicest old black man. He is so great! That was
defiantly a miracle from Heavenly Father. I am so grateful! I love you
all! Have such an amazing week! Always remember that each and everyone
of you has a Heavenly Father and Savior that love the crap out of you!

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