Monday, April 18, 2016


Sorry this email is coming a bit late! Our zone went bowling today and
then to lunch so we didn't have much time for anything this morning!
It was a good week! We again saw many small miracles! It was cool!
This week we went to go try and contact a potential investigator but
the one we were looking for was never home. Seriously like never.
However one day we just tried to visit him again and he wasn't home
again but his mom was! We talked to her for a little bit and she is
very open to learning about the Christ. We scheduled a time to meet
with her on Friday. That was an awesome lesson. I felt the spirit so
strong in this lesson. I had just gotten done talking about the great
apostasy and asked her if she had any questions. Then she goes on to
talk about how she has always wondered why there were so many churches
and that she has been looking for an answer for a long time. She just
doesn't get how if we all believe in one God and the same God then why
can't we all be a part of the same church. That led perfectly into us
talking about Joseph Smith and how he had the same question and that
God does answer prayers. It was really cool and then after I was done
talking she said "oh yes I'm going to do that" it was really cool!
That was probably a main highlight of the week.
Another awesome highlight of the week was the General Women's Session
of conference. It was so good! They talked all about serving one
another and recognizing the love that God has for us. They also talked
a lot about how this work and God needs strong valiant women who
aren't afraid to speak and stand up for the truth. I really loved it
and I'm so exited for General Conference next week! I cannot wait!
Easter was good too! Probably not the most productive day but I loved
the spirit of Easter. We also sang in our wards choir. That was
awesome. I have really come to enjoy singing in the choir with the
ward members. It's brings such a good spirit to the meeting! I did
really miss everybody though yesterday probably more than any other
day. Weird.
Anyway God is good! He loves us all! I love you!

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