Wednesday, October 18, 2017

week 13!

Hello Family and Friends!
This week has been a good week! We had transfers and I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Fitzsimonds and she is from Idaho! We also had another set of sisters move into our apartment and that has been a blast. A little bad for my journal writing but so good! We love being together! The weeks are so fast but the days are so long! Our areas are slowly but surely picking up! We saw an awesome miracle on Saturday night! We went to try a family in the ward and it turned out that they moved. We met a man named Greg and his girlfriend. It turns out that she was a member but hasn't gone in a long time and he was not a member but looking for a church! The spirit just took over that contact and we were able to testify of the Book of Mormon and it was so cool. We were hyped after that. I was really grateful for that! I super love this gospel! 
Sister Camilleri 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 12

Hello everyone!
Sorry I didn't write yesterday! Today is my pdays because it is transfers! I am staying in the same area but I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Fitzsimonds! I think it will be an awesome transfer! We had an awesome week! The highlight of this week was Josh's Baptism in Sandy Valley! It was probably the most spiritual baptism ever! There were like 50 people there from the little town and they were so supportive. Josh was incredibly happy and really excited. We were so happy for him! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have to teach Josh! I'm hoping he goes on a mission someday!
I love you all! Have a great week! 
Sister Camilleri

Week 11

Hello Family and Friends!
This week was a pretty good week! I was able to go on exchanges with another sister in the mission and that was awesom! It's nice sometimes to get a break in the normal schedule and change things up! We were able to have a day full of miracles.

Monday: We were able to have a lesson with a recent convert and his family about the temple and family history work. I love teaching and talking about temples. It seriously makes me yearn to be at the temple everyday. I love it there. It was a miracle that we were able to see this family because they have crazy work schedules but Heavenly Fathers hand played a role in our day and we were able to prepare him to go to the temple and do baptisms and to prepare his family to be sealed together for time and all eternity in a year. That will be such a beautiful say for them.

Tuesday: We have a baptisms on October 5th for an investigator that lives about an hour away in Sandy Valley. In order to properly prepare him for baptism we had lessons with him everyday this week. We have been going through all the commandments and talking to him about why each one is important and the blessings we can receive if we are obedient to the commandments. It has been really cool to see this investigator have such a willing heart. He wants to obey God no matter what and it is so cool to be able to see his example. His prayers have been so sweet too because he is so excited for his baptism  and talks about it in every prayer he gives with us.

Wednesday: I was on exchanges with Sister Bond in my area and that was a refreshing exchange. We saw a ton of miracles on this day. The first miracle came from a recent convert who we haven't been able to meet with. She texted us in the morning asking if we wanted to come over and have a lesson. Of course we said yes. We planned a lesson with her around faith and personal progress. Little did we know that she had been thinking about those two things but needed help getting started on personal progress. That was an awesome lesson completely led by the spirit. On our way there we were able to do some service for a recent convert who had just pulled into the driveway as we were walking by. So cool.

Thursday: We did quite a bit of walking this day because our miles were shot because of exchanges. In the evening we were able to have a lesson with a recent convert who is preparing to go to the temple soon and that was awesome. We had the lesson at a members home and it was really cool to be able to see the beginning of a friendship between them all. I love how close the gospel can bring us to other people.

Friday: We had dinner with our investigator from China and it was so good. She made some Chinese food and yum. We had a lesson with her afterwards about the Plan of Salvation. It has been really cool to have the opportunity to teach Joy because she has zero knowledge about Jesus Christ. We are literally starting with a clean slate and that has been hard but really cool. She told us that she is starting to feel like she is slowly building a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was so sweet. We were also able to commit her to baptismal date and she is so excited for it! I just love her!

Saturday and Sunday: It was conference weekend which makes the weekend one of my favorites of the year and automatically makes the weekend amazing. All the sessions were so good. I noticed that there was a heavy emphasis on the Book of Mormon and for me about miracles. As always the talks got me thinking about where I am at and what I need to do to progress the way that Heavenly Father wants me to. It was a great time of self reflection and I'm grateful for modern day apostles and prophets that lead the world and that help us prepare for the awaited arrival of the second coming. Two questions stood out in my mind yesterday. Do you want to live with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father again? What are you willing to do now in order to live with them in the next life?  I ask the same questions of each of you. Now is the time to prepare to meet God. Are you prepared? I promise you that if you do not make it a priority now to fix your life so that you can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again that you will regret that decision when you graduate from this life.
I encourage you all to go to and watch the conference talks from this weekend. They are preparing us for the coming of the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ will all of my heart. I want to live with them again. That is my goal and I know that my actions in this life determine my next life. I love you all with all of my heart and I want each one of you there with me!

I love you all!
Sister Camilleri
Ps. How is it already October already? 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 10!

Hello Family and Friends! 
This week was a pretty good week! I'll tell you some highlights from this week! 

We were able to teach a sweet little lady from China! It was probably one of the most spiritual lessons I have had since coming back out. It was a little weird though because she only speaks mandarin so we were teaching her through a translator who was a member in our ward. This was my first time ever teaching someone that had literally no concept of Jesus Christ or God. It was interesting but watching her face light up as we talked about Christ and what he did for us. She had a lot of questions about how she could communicate with God and what that felt like. She said a kneeling prayer at the end of our lesson in mandarin and it was beautiful. She was so happy and grateful that we were teaching her. She offered to pay is but we were like no! It was so spiritual. 

We taught the 11 year old scouts in one of our wards about missionary work and it was so cute. They were so attentive and excited about missionary work. We did a scavenger hunt and made nametags and talked about what we do and they loved it. I hope they remember that night for awhile! 

We had the women's session of General Conference on Saturday night and it was AMAZING. Seriously every talk was spot on and beautiful and I left feeling so much love for myself and others and it made me just want to be lds member that I can be for the rest of my life. 

We went to Sandy Valley yesterday! It is a little branch on the border of Nevada and California! It was a fun little place full of a bunch of land and nice people. We had a good day there and all the members love us. It was a good day! 

It was my companions birthday on Thursday so we had a massive breakfast (our apartment stills smells like bacon) and we had the sisters over for dinner for tacos! It was a fun day!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the spirit and the prompting of the spirit. We had an experience on Friday night that changed the way I know the spirit speaks to me. Ever since then I have been hyper aware and taking everything to heavenly father and I have to say that I feel so much more confident in my decisions than I did before. It was unfortunate that I had to go through that experience to recognize that but all things happen for a reason. 

I love you all! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Back in Vegas week 9

Dear Family and Friends,
Really quick I just wanted to start off this emailing by telling you all that I miss you! Seriously I miss you so much! This week our mission received counsel and training for our new online proselyting tools. It was an awesome training and Im excited to be able to use these tools in my efforts to help people come unto Christ. One of those tools is the use of facebook. I will be using the facebook that I had at home and I am grateful for this opportunity. Having said that though I ask that each of you understand that my purpose in using facebook for the rest of mission is solely for missionary purposes. We have been asked to make our facebooks a place that can represent our Savior Jesus Christ. I would love to be able to communicate with all of you over facebook but that is not my purpose right now. Please keep staying in touch with me over email! Please help me in my endeavor to use facebook as a missionary tool! I love you all so much!

This week was a good week! We have been able to work hard in the areas that we are serving in and even though we havent been able to find new people to teach this week it was a successful week in helping others come unto Christ.

Monday: We were able to have dinner with a family in one of our areas. Both the husband and wife served missions and that was awesome to talk about and to see what they believe are the blessings of that. As we were talking with them it became very clear to me that having this opportunity to serve a mission is one that not everybody is able to do. This is something that will forever bless my life. We were also ablet to visit the couple over family history. Geneaology work is something that has been talked about a lot lately and is a focus in the stake that I am serving in. We were able to talk to them about using family history in our missionary efforts and they were excited to help us with our cause. I am looking forward to seeing the miracles that come from that.

Tuesday: We went and visited a part member family in one of our wards. The husband has previously taken the missionary discussions but stopped because he wasnt fully understanding what was being taught and he didnt know how to understand more fully. We had an awesome conversation with him. We talked about the first 12 verses in the Book of Mormon and how that tells us of all the things that we need to do to receive answers. Those verses tell us that we need to pray and ask God our question and tehn read the scriptures to find our answer. The spirit will be with us as we do so. He really loved that and was  grateful for that answer that we weren able to give him. Hopefully we will be able to make it back over there!

Wednesday: We spent majority of our day at zone conference. We were being trained all day about online proselyting and using the safeguards to help us avoid any temptation that comes along with using online tools. It really became clear to me that the safeguards that we have been given apply to a lot more than just technology. They are 1. Be aware of spiritual promptings 2. Be focused on your missionary purpose  3. Be disclipined and 4. Be one. I really love these safeguards and I know that they will bless my life before and after the mission.

Thursday: We had the most frustrating lesson of our lives with a less active member in one of our areas. Our lesson just kept going around and around in circles and the only reason why that kept happening was because the member could not separate things of the world from the things of God. This is something that is really important for us to do because it allows us to grow and recognize that the world will never been in line with God> we have to make sure that our lives are in line with God.

Friday: We were able to witness 2 miracles this day. The first happened as we were walking around a really cool park in our area. We were able to stop and talk to an older couple about family history work and invite them to start working on their geneology. They were really excited about it and you could tell that they really hada desire to find out who their family was and all the different relationships they have with people. It was awesome and I am so grateful for families! Later in the evening we were trying a couple of members houses and their was no answer. As we were walking down the street their was a couple in there garage doing some organizing. We stopped and talked with them for awhile and we found out that the woman was a member of the church and that she hadnt been to church in a while. We didnt know she existed because her records where somewhere else. It was so cool. Gods hand is real guys.

Saturday: On saturday night we were able to get into see a recent convert that we needed to get into touch with. She is the cutest little thing and she is so strong. We talked all about prayer and how we can make sure that we are praying meaningfully. I was grateful that we were able to see her!

Sunday: Sunday was busy because we  had meetings all day but we were able to have a lesson with one of our investigators that is in Sandy Valley! That was awesome because we hadnt been able to have a lesson previously that week! Miracles!

Overall it was a pretty good week. I love being a missionary. Right now I know there is nothing better that I could be doing. It is amazing. Thank you so much for all of your support! I love you all!

Sister Camilleri

Friday, September 15, 2017

Back in Vegas Week 8

Hello Family and Friends!
What a week this has been. Just a little bit of an update on my life...on wednesday my new companion left and I got emergency transferred (again) to the South Stake covering three different areas. My new companion that I am with now is Sister Albanes! She is an awesome missionary and we are learning how to work together. She just came to this new area so we basically are double transferring off an emergency transfer. To say that I am overwhelmed is an understatement. Everything is actually going pretty well though and I will survive. It has been crazy though I cannot believe that in 8 weeks I have served in 3 areas and had four different companions. Im just trying to hit this area hard with Sister Albanes and we are going to get these areas going! Ag least fpr the next 4 weeks!

I will have to right a better email next week! This week was just crazy and I have been sick and life has taken over!
One thing that I was thinking about this week was all about the decisions we make in this life. They are so so so important. Basically guys in short make good decisions! I love you all! Sorry this email is so short!
Also our mission is getting Facebook on Wednesday so I'm not sure what that is going to look like but it will be so good for missionary work! 

I love you! 
Sister Camilleri

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back in Vegas week 7!

Friends! Family!
I hope that all of you had a good week and that if you didnt that this week will be better! 
This week started off with me getting my new companion! We have had a blast together this week and I love Sister Berger! Once again it reminds me that time doesnt really mean anything. It is cool to be able to recognize that you can become super close to someone even if it is just a week. She is from New Mexico which means that I have another cool place to visit! Yay for companions!
Highlights from this week:
Tuesday: We got a random text that said that there is a guy in our area that wants to take the lessons again and be baptized. We were like well that is awesome. We were able to get into contact with him and tried to set something up. Hopefully this week we will be able to see him.
Wednesday: We had an amazing spirit filled lesson with one of our investigators who is progressing so well. It has been amazing to watch and be apart of. That is what I love about being a missionary: we are able to see people recieve a change in heart and to be a part of it. I literally live for lessons like this one. We were also able to read the Book of Mormon with a less active and that was really awesome. We started talking about the historical side of the Book of Mormon and it was really cool to see how everything lines up.
Thursday: We went over to see a part member family who we have not been able to get into contact with. We werent able to see the family that we were going over their to see but we found out that there was two people that lived in that house who we didnt know existed. They invited us in and were really open to us. That was a big miracle this week.
Friday: We were able to get into touch with a less active member who we know recently started a job that was going to take her away from being able to come to church. That is always a bummer but the fact that we were able to make contact with her this week was really awesome. She was really grateful for our visit.
Saturday: We were able to attend a baptism for another person and take one of our investigators with us. We invited him to come and he came and he loved it. I pray that it will be able to make a difference in his life.
Sunday: Our really awesome investigator came to church for the 3rd week in a row! She loved it! Seriously she has been doing so awesome and the ward has really been taking her in and that is always so good to see. Hopefully we will be able to set her with a date this week!
Yesterday was a very much needed sabbath day. I am grateful that we were able to focus in on the sabbath and the lessons that we were able to have. Im grateful for the way that the gospel fills my soul with so much peace and true joy.

As I pondered back on this week one thing that has really been sticking out to me is that we cannot grow without the help of others, our reliance on the Lord and having a desire to improve. I have gained a firm testimony that as we rely on others and on our Savior that in the end the dust will settle and no matter what we will come out on top. I have no idea how people make it through life without having a knowlegde of our Savior and being able to know that we can in fact rely on Him. I just feel so grateful.
Sister Camilleri