Monday, May 9, 2016


Hello my dear family and friends!
This week was another pretty good week! This week I realized that
pondering the gospel and reassessing where you are at and how to
become better is pretty awesome and it brings you so much closer to
Heavenly Father! Since I'm a missionary I ponder these things a lot
more and yesterday I realized that it has been a huge blessing. It's
really awesome cause I feel like I am communing with Heavenly Father
constantly. We basically goes like we converse in my mind and then he
tells me things I need to do better then I say but why and he answers
and I obey. It's funny how being obedient is so essential for us but
it is like the hardest thing to do ever. This week with our new Stl
Sister van Uitert we talked about obeying with a willingness of heart.
If we are trying to be obedient and our heart isn't in it then we are
not going to be able to succeed because we won't understand the point
behind it. Anyway I just think it's interesting how important
obedience is. After all it is the first law of Heaven.
This week we made some solid progress. We found two new investigators.
For the most part they seem pretty interested and ready to hear the
gospel. I really hope that they do. This gospel is so important for
everybody! Seriously everybody needs it in their lives. We decided to
try a different Tracting approach this time because we didn't feel
like what we were doing with pass along cards was getting us anywhere
so we decided to tract with our scriptures and at every door to say
that we wanted to share a scripture with them and then we applied it
to them personally and talked about who we were. That was a more fun
way of Tracting. More people were down to hear a simple scripture and
it gave us the opportunity to invite the spirit and testify to them.
It was really cool. This coming week we are doing another sacrifice
Saturday where we are Tracting and street contacting all day. That
will be fun! The missionary program in our ward is also planning a
family history event where people can come and learn how to do family
history and use the church tools. I'm excited for the event to happen.
We all felt really strongly that we needed to do something with family
history to help bring people into the church building and to feel the
spirit. I'm really hoping that it will go the way that we want it too.
I can already tell you that the highlight of this week is going to be
getting to hear Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder Lynn G. Robbins
speak to us on Friday. I am so excited to hear them both speak and
give us guidance on how to be better missionaries and a better
mission. I cannot wait.
The members here are really starting to warm up to us and missionary
work is becoming more prevalent in the ward. It has been such a
blessing! I'm starting to really love this area. It has taken 3
transfers but the people are really great.
Anyway I love you all! Life is good in the field!

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