Monday, April 18, 2016

Spirituality. Sometimes you got to change.‏

Hello everybody! Monday's come so fast. It's crazy. Time is flying! This week was a good week! So many little miracles this week! It was awesome! Not only miracles with the work but just miracles in every aspect of missionary life! It has been the best. This week we had a great district meeting where we talked about Christlike attributes and how we can develop those. Let's just say that I was completely right about me and the whole charity thing. That was my lowest score on the attribute test that we took. However it was actually a very inspiring meeting and made me want to change and be better! I've been trying my hardest to pray for charity and act on it and I will say that I believe I'm getting better! It is so cool what having a desire and praying can do. I've recognized that in everything that we do we have to have the greatest desire to do it or else we won't be able to achieve what we need to do. I think that desire is so important because often times it leads to action and action is where the growth and strength comes from. It's pretty legit. We've been working hard in our area and we have been able to teach so much more than we were. It might not be to the most interested or solid people but nonetheless we are teaching and showing our ward that we are willing and ready to work! I'm so grateful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to keep teaching and keep planting seeds. We had zone conference this week! It was AMAZING! Let's just say that the spirit was so strong and that their is power in enduring through our trials and praying our little hearts out and reading from the Book of Mormon. President Ahlander and Sister Ahlander are going home in June. It is so sad. They only have one more round of zone conference left. I have really grown to love and appreciate them and their support. President Ahlanders training was on prayer and how we need to be praying with our heart and not just our mouth. It was great and just goes to show that prayer should never be a routine or else we aren't using it the way that God wants us to use prayer. Sister Ahlander gave a training about conversion and how we need to be converted to Jesus Christ so that when life gets rough we have something to lean back on and find strength in. I loved that so much. I know that we are given hard things because Heavenly Father wants us to grow and wants us to be able to recognize that his plan is far greater than any of ours. It is so true. The assistants to President Ahlander gave a really good training on the Book of Mormon. They asked a lot of through provoking questions that really made me reflect on how much the Book of Mormon has changed my life. I've never been very good at understanding the Book of Mormon but I have recognized that on my mission when the work gets hard or when I'm going through some trial that the Book of Mormon coupled with prayer is the first thing that I turn to for strength and comfort. I'm really grateful that is something that I have been able to learn on my mission. I hope it will always stay that way. I feel so much comfort from reading the words of prophets. It truly is a beautiful thing. Saturday I was on exchanges with Sister Reed who is my sister training leader now. I love her. She has so much wisdom and strength. The lord has really blessed me with her. We had a really good and productive day. I loved it. It is through her that I know that I need to put myself out of my way and realize that if anybody is ever stopping me from being able to grow than it is myself. Yesterday was a great Sunday! Everything just worked out perfectly and we saw and met people just as they were walking out their door which are huge tender mercies because we were finally able to get into contact with a lot of those that we had been trying a while ago. We had a lesson with a man named Warren. Funny story. He was telling us how he came to Vegas and how he found God again. He said that he was living in a hotel where a bunch of strippers lived and one day they knocked on his door and asked him if he wanted to go to church with them. He thought that was a little weird since they were strippers but then he said that those women were some of the most godly women he has ever met and that it is because of those strippers that he was able to find God again. It was great. Welcome to Vegas where the strippers bring people to God and the work schedules are just about as crazy as seeing a pig fly. I love it here. I'm so grateful! Sister Lauren Camilleri

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