Monday, April 18, 2016

Always putting God first.‏

This week was a pretty good week. We didn't teach a lot of lessons but
none the less it was pretty successful. I have loved the holiday
season in the mission field. We spent most of our day on Tuesday in
different meetings with a lesson in between with our recent convert
Alicia. Alicia is still doing really well but has decided to go back
to the family ward because the singles ward is well full of a bunch a
single people and they want to date. She just isn't into that. other
than that though she is still pretty solid and working to overcome
anything that happens by turning to God first. This principle that we
have taught Alicia is something that has become very prominent in my
life. I've realized that I spent most of my life in my trials relying
on myself firs and God second. This is probably why I struggled. I
have had to learn on how to rely on God first and myself second. Since
I have been doing that my life and the hardships on the mission have
been easier to overcome because I am directly overcoming them with the
Lords help. After our crazy day on Tuesday there was a guy that got
baptized 2 years ago that was opening his mission call. He is going to
the Phillipines. That was really cool . We are actually teaching his
sister Mehani right now. She is so close to accepting the gospel into
her life. It is so awesome. We didn't get a chance to meet with her
this week because it was crazy but we saw her last night for a game
night with a members family. She was talking to my companion about the
gospel and it was so awesome. She said that this is the closest that
she has been with God and that she has loved praying and reading her
scriptures. That was really awesome to here that she is still
progressing even though we couldn't meet with her. I love being able
to help people change their lives and their mindsets and see them come
closer with God. It has to be one of the best things to witness ever.
We spent the Tuesday night and Wednesday in Logandale on exchanges
with some other sisters. That was pretty fun. The next day was New
Year's Eve. We had a pretty chill day. we weekly planned all day and
then watched movies that night. We got to watch the Prince of Egypt,
Tarzan and this really good nativity movie called the Nativity Story.
It was awesome. The next day we hung out with our zone and chilled all
day. It was a really good day. The rest of the week was pretty busy.
Working hard to find those that are ready to hear the good news of the
gospel. I have really loved this wok. Today I had the opportunity to
clean the temple. That was an awesome experience. I don't think I have
ever been so excited about cleaning! It is just such a peaceful place
no matter what you are doing. I loved it. This is the last week of the
transfer so we get transfer calls on Saturday. I'm not sure what will
happen but I will let you know next week! I love you all!

Sister Lauren Camilleri

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