Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week Five: I went on a biking mission!

Hello Fambam and friends!
How is everyone? I hope you are all well! This week was a pretty slow week full of meetings and not that much success. It was an extremely long week. We moved on Monday into our brand new apartment (no other missionaries have ever lived there). It feels so good to have our own area where there is no one watching over us. Plus it is way cooler cause we are officially in charge of the thermostat. When we got to the apartment we had literally nothing in it so we had to travel to the mission office on Tuesday and fill our car with a bunch of crap. On Monday night we were supposed to have a lesson with D but he bailed out and then we just simply asked him if he was still interested in meeting with us. He said no so we got dropped. It's the best feeling ever. Sike. I hope that one day he remembers how he felt in our lessons and at church and that he will come to the gospel. We also dropped three other investigators this week because they weren't interested anymore. Such is life. On Tuesday we had another meeting and spent most of our day at meetings and then at the mission office. It was a pretty uneventful day. Wednesday was a pretty eventful day though! We went to the temple and participated in a session and my first time in a sealing. It was so awesome and so spiritual. I wish I could go to the temple all the time. Seriously it is the best. I always leave the temple with more clarity and a better attitude for what I am capable of. The sealing was super cool to witness and be apart of. I cannot wait till the day that I can participate in my own sealing. Families really are forever. I feel so blessed to have the crazy family that I do! After the temple we went to go pick up our car because it was in the shop but they weren't done with it yet so that when we went on bikes. That was interesting but so fun! One of the brakes wouldn't work on my bike so when I got to the top of the hill I couldn't stop see where dinner was so I just zoomed down into the park that had grass and slowed myself down. It was a comical experience. Riding a bike is hard work especially in a skirt. I managed to rip my skirt and tear up my shoe because I couldn't stop and I ripped my shirt at the temple. It was very interesting. The bikes were so fun though. After dinner we rode down to a less active member and met with her for awhile and we helped her son figure what to on his date that
he was going on. Then we pretty much rode home and the night view of downtown Las Vegas is so pretty. That was the end of my biking mission for now. I have great respect for those that are on a permanent biking mission. Seriously feel for them. On Thursday we made a couple visits after getting are car and had meeting with one of our ward mission leaders. It was a slow day. On Friday we had a training meeting with the mission president. That was really good. President help us greenies to better our companionship and tell us some things that we can work on. I have lots to work on but all good things. After the meeting we had some less active appointments and had dinner with one of our bishops. He is so awesome and has such a missionary minded spirit. Such a great blessing we just need more investigators in that ward especially since we just dropped some. He is so great though.
After dinner we had an appointment with cherry. She is still a super solid investigator and loves going to church and meeting with her. She told some things that she is going through and I had to try so hard to hold back from crying because I just love her so much and I know that all these hard things will bless her so much. On Saturday we filled our day with visits from referrals that we had gotten from some of our wards and met with a couple of them. It was a long day but super good to get to know people better. After our visits we worked on our talks for the next day. Sunday was a super good day. We both spoke on conversion in one of our wards and that went really well. After we
spoke we sang with the ukulele. Yes mom I got up there and I sang in front of everyone. It was nerve racking but it actually went really good. I'll attach a video of us singing on Thursday for practice. The
rest of Sunday went pretty well. We are getting K ready to go do baptisms at the temple and we had another lesson with Cherry. She is the best. Also on a sidenote I spent $33 dollars on pens today. Yes
I'm a pen snob and no I will not share with anyone. Hahaha it is so great. Anyway that was my week! I hope everything is so great over wherever you all may be. I love you and miss you so much! ❤️