Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back in Vegas Week 2!

Hello Family and Friends!
This week was so good! It was all about service and miracles. It felt like a long week but in hindsight I can't believe it is time to be writing you guys again! This week I started to feel better about this whole adjusting back to missionary life thing. We were able to have zone conference this week on Tuesday and the theme was all about having a Christ centered mission. It was so good! We watched a video from Elder Holland (an apostle) when he was counseling the new mission presidents that were about to start their missions. Elder Holland was sharing a story about a missionary who served in California and one day he was knocking doors sharing our message about our savior and he met his long lost brother that he had never known but he was always praying for. It was miracle. He told his brother that he was sent to bring him home. Elder Holland related this story to us as missionaries. Our call is to bring people home to their Heavenly Father and that alone makes serving a mission worth it. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to help his children come home to him. Sunday was probably the best day that I have had back on the mission so far. Honestly I needed Sunday. Sitting in church and hearing the speakers talk about the gospel was what my heart and mind needed. I'm grateful for the Sabbath day and how it can change your heart. We had two amazing girl lessons last night. One of them was with a part member family. Neither of them come to church but we contacted them last week and had the first lesson yesterday. It was so full of the spirit. The biggest thing that I needed out of that was came from us talking about the book of mormon. As we shared the book of Mormon with this family and explained how the Book of Mormon can change our lives. They were a bit skeptical as I'm sure it is to most people when they first hear about the book of Mormon. The minute we started testifying that the Book of Mormon was written for our day the spirit washed over us all. I am tremendously grateful that we have the Book of Mormon to guide us and give us strength. There is nothing better.
After our lesson with the part member family we went to go see a recent convert named Michael. He has been having a hard time. Just because we have the gospel doesn't mean that life is easy for us at all. Sometimes we just really wish that we could always feel the sweet peaceful feelings of the gospel but it doesn't always work out like that. As we were talking tears came to my eyes because I realized just how sweet this gospel can be. You know life is hard. Really hard. Especially when there are things going on in our lives that are outside of our control. We do have control about what we do about it and I realized that again last night. I love love love this gospel with all my heart. It has changed me and the way that I view life. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves to the side and focus on God. That's when we feel the happiest. That is why I feel so happy right now. I've chosen to put myself to the side and focus on God. I'm grateful for the things I'm learning as I do so. This week was amazing and miracles have come to us in this Las Vegas area and I know that God is real.
Love you all,
Sister Camilleri

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