Monday, May 9, 2016


Hello Everyone! This week was GREAT! Let me start off my saying that
it rained three different days this week! Along with some hail it was
so great! However that was not the best part of the week! Remember
when i totally sunburned on side of my body? IT WAS WORTH IT! The day
when I burned my left side of my body basically it was because we were
standing in the same spot for two hours talking to someone on the
street that we had basically tracted into. It was great. Well it just
so happens that we got in contact with him again this week and we had
the best lesson ever! He wanted his kids to be there (all 6 of them).
It was so good. We taught the restoration lesson and the spirit was so
so so strong! At the end of the lesson the father When we asked him if
he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet he looked at us and said
yes I do. I really do. Ahhhh the best words to ever come out of
someone's mouth ever! Then we asked all the kids how they felt and
they said we are curious. We want to know more! The second best thing
to come out of someone's mouth! So we left that lesson spiritually
charged but also with 6 new investigators that we have the amazing
opportunity to help the, understand the importance of Heavenly Father
in their life and help them come closer to him. I feel so blessed.
Then it rained and hailed at the end of the lesson and it was a double
The next day we had the opportunity to meet with Elder Jeffrey R.
Holland and President Robbins. That was an amazing experience. Being
in the presence of an apostle and hearing him testify of the
truthfulness of the gospel is something that I will never forget. The
spirit was so strong and so good there. He talked about a lot of
things. The highlight for me was when he was talking about the way
that Christ taught when he was here and he talked about how Christ met
people at the level that they were at and took them to where they
needed to be. (John 3 & 4) I loved that so much. I believe that not
only applies to teaching but it also applies to every single person
that ever lives. Christ will meet us where we are at and he will carry
us to where we need to be but it will only be if we let him. Another
thing that Elder Holland spoke about was about being finishers. He
said that the blue ribbon does not come at the beginning of the race.
It does not come at the middle of the race. It comes at the end of the
race. Heavenly Father wants to give you your blue ribbon but you have
to finish the race. Then he went on talking about not giving up and it
was the best thing ever.
The next day I was reading in Ether 3 where it tells the story of the
Brother of Jared. This chapter really stood out to me and in a
different way than it normally does. Usually I recognize that the
Brother of Jared had this immense amount of faith which is very very
very true but I noticed this time that the Brother of Jared does his
part first and then the Lord does his. He makes stones, he follows the
commandment to pray, he exercises faith in the Lords miracles and then
the Lord shows himself to the brother of Jared and he lights the
stones. I really loved studying that. It just goes to show that we
have to do our part and then The Lord will do his. In the moment that
we don't believe the Lord is nearby helping us is the moment that he
is carrying us to where we need to be.
Man this week was great! I love my mission!

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