Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 9: What the Savior did for us wasn't easy, so what we do for the savior shouldn't be easy either.

Hello All! How is that for a long subject line? Haha I'll talk more
about that later! I hope you all are well! This past week was a mind
opening week for me. I learned a lot about myself, our savior and our
father in Heaven. There were a couple quotable things that I heard
this week that changed some things for me in my head. The first being
"the mission doesn't need me I need the mission." The second being
"humility isn't about you and other people, it is about you and God."
The third and last being " what the savior did for us wasn't easy, so
what we do for the savior shouldn't be easy either." Oh my it was a
testimony and relationship building week! Exactly what I needed!
Losing yourself in the service of others really does make yourself
grow! Thank goodness for that because my life right know is all about
service and I'm loving it!
Monday we had dinner with Steph. We set her with a date last time and
she seemed pretty solid about it, until we got a text from her last
night that said that she was unwillingly to commit to something when
she knows she can't do it. It was frustrating! Seriously she KNOWS
this church is true; I just hope that she comes along and stops
looking at everybody else and looks at what she needs to do. There is
an important lesson for us all. We need to stop focusing on everyone
around us and look inward at ourselves. We are the only ones that can
change. We can be an example to everyone around. We have the power to
overcome the natural man and become like our savior Jesus Christ. On
Tuesday we had a really awesome district meeting from our new district
leader. It was all about finding and following up. Let's just say I
left there inspired to work hard! After district meeting we went with
a member to bring food to some non members. She was probably one of
the most thankful people I have ever met. I wish and pray to one day
be as outwardly grateful as she was. I think they will have some
potential as long as we don't come across pushy. Which is like my
worst fear. I don't want to be that missionary! After we met her we
had interviews with President Ahlander. He is seriously such a great
man. My zone has been struggling with communication and I have just
been on the normal struggle bus. He just has such a way with words and
mentioned something about positivity and I just broke down. What's
new. Haha that was the first breakthrough moment of the week. He
helped me understand how I can be more positive and not Let the
negativity curse rule my life. It's hard but I can do it! Later in the
evening we had a lesson with Eryka at a members home. It went really
well I felt. She has a hard time focusing on what we are saying but
the member we were with used to be a school teacher and she helped so
much! Thank goodness for her! We read form Jospeh Smith History. It is
such a powerful truth. My testimony of Joseph Smith has grown so much!
It really did happen people. He restored the true church and restored
the Book of Mormon and it really happened! It was a good lesson!
Wednesday we had a lesson with the Cave Family again. We are really
trying to lit the fire for them again to want to become active again.
The mother is such a good example. The powerful of example is huge. It
is amazing what people really see from us as we are working hard to be
Christlike. People notice that Mormons are different and they know
that is is a good different! Later in the evening we had a lesson with
Cherry. It was another frustrating lesson. She has received
confirmation and revelation that she can do this. She knows she can, I
know she can and Heavenly Father knows that she can. She just says
that she isnt ready to yet. Everything about the gospel comes down to
action.It is so huge. We can have a testimony without acting but we
can't be converted to the Lord without acting. It is huge.
On Thursday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I
stayed in my are with Sister Kurtz. I'm so glad I was with her. She is
from Eastern Washington! Thursday was break through day. As we talked
more and more we both realized the three main things that I need to
work on right know to be a better missionary. Humility, Vulnerability
and Sarcasm. The last one is huge. My sarcasm is hitting me in the
butt right now. Sometimes it feels a little scary to let go of that
because my sarcasm is who I am. However I know that it isn't good and
I want to change it so bad. When I come home without my rude sarcasm
don't hate me! I promise it is for the good! I'm ready to change. I'm
ready to be a different more Christlike person. I'm ready. On Thursday
we felt like we should go see Kianas mom. She needed to know that
Heavenly Father loved her and was there for her and we needed to share
that with her. When we follow the spirit amazing things happen! It was
so spiritual. I love her so much! Later that day we had a lesson with
Mike about following the prophet. He is such a great person who has
been through so much. He is the definition of humble. I'm really
excited for general conference this week and being able to receive
revelation from the prophets and apostles. Ahhh I can't wait. Friday
we weekly planned and had an active member lesson. That was good. On
Saturday we had service for Sister Nickles and the we had the generals
women's session of conference. It was really good! I always love
conference and the way I feel! Sunday was just church Sunday and then
we had a musical fireside for our mission. That is where I heard the
phrase from the subject line. It stood out for me so much. What the
savior did for all of us wasn't an easy task. It was hard. He
suffered, he bled, he died. He was pained for us all. Therefore
everything that we ever go through shouldn't be easy either. It breaks
my heart for all the pain that he went through.  Isaiah 53:3-5 took on
a new meaning after I heard that. It was huge, I love this gospel so
much. I love this work. I love our savior and our Heavenly Father. I
love you all.

Sister Lauren Camilleri

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