Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 8: It rained!

Hello All and All Hello!
How are you all? I hope you are all well! This week was well slow
again but it was still pretty good! After our Pday on Monday we had a
lesson with a semi less active family. The Caves are super awesome!
Sister Cave is active and her husband works a lot. Her kids are
teenagers and want nothing to do with the church right now because
they have more important things to do. There is nothing more important
than the gospel! I wish I had learned that early on. I probably would
have been better at studying my scriptures and having a good attitude
about going to young women's at the age of 17. I probably would have
gotten a better experience with a better understanding and a better
attitude. Everything comes down to our attitude about things.
Sometimes I have such a bad attitude about things and then Sister Huni
makes some comment and I realize I just need to get over myself and
change my attitude. Oh my it works wonders! Haha. I wish I could help
her kids understand that but I don't know how because I feel like it
is just something you have to experience for yourself. We talked a lot
about being a good example. I am such a firm believer in being a good
example. I may not have been the best example at home of the gospel
but I did try my best and that is all Heavenly Father asks of us! As
long as we try our best he will make up for the rest. The Grace of
Jesus Christ is a real thing people.
On Tuesday we went and visited Sister Dickson. We talked to her about
temples! She really wants to go to the temple and receive her
endowments. She is starting to prepare for that now. There is
something holding her back though and I am not sure what it is. I do
think though that it has something to do with the commitment and the
fear of the unknown. We told that sometimes we just have to take a
leap of faith and trust me the temple is a leap of faith worth taking!
What is a leap of faith though? That's the question of the week. What
does that really me. I'm sure it is different for all of us. For me I
think about how many leaps of faith am I willing to take? I would like
to say that my answer is how ever many is needed in order for me to
get where I need to be but I don't think I can honestly say that yet.
Who knows. Sometimes you just have to go for it though without ever
looking back. Leaps of faith in the gospel are the best ones out
Wednesday we had a lesson with Steph! She committed to a baptism date!
It isn't until January but she has so much going on. It is still a
date though! She is ready though. She knows the things that she has to
do in order to get baptized and she can do them. I hope that she
follows through with it. She has changed so much already from the
gospel! We made some more visits that night. We visited the Brito
family and they haven't been active forever. She said that she got
into an argument with teacher at church and she has never been back.
People seriously ruin the gospel for other people and although it
shouldn't happen that way people fall into the natural man. It is sad.
Really sad. I think it just comes back to our foundation and
intention. If we are apart of the gospel for ourselves than it will
work out but if we are doing it for another reason then it will be
easy for us to get offended and turn away. Just remember why you are
attending church.
Thursday we weekly planned and had a lesson with Cherry! The lesson
seemed to go well. We read from the Book of Mormon with her. She
understood it pretty well. She hasn't been responding to us lately
though and she didn't come to church. That was disheartening. We did
set a lesson with her for this week though so hopefully that goes
well. I think she is scared of the lifestyle change that the gospel
brings. She doesn't feel ready for it. She could use a leap of faith
Friday we went to another less active who is 86 years old. She doesnt
go to church though because she thinks she knows everything. Lol at
people. There is always more to learn! Seriously though our knowledge
never stops so never stop learning! We also saw one of our
investigators Eryka and talked with her about church attendance. She
is doing good for a 13 year old but she didn't come to church. Go
figure. Hahaha. Saturday we had an activity at the church with the
primary! That was fun! Sunday was busy as usual! We had a really good
lesson with Kiana at a members home! We talked about the importance of
studying the scriptures. It was good. One big that stood out to me was
it was said that when we don't study the scriptures it is because we
don't know how important it is to learn from the book of more. We have
to read the book if we want some guidance and help! It was a very good
lesson! Anyway. Life is pretty good. I'm about to fall asleep writing
this. Such is life. I hope you all are great! I love love love you!
I'll send pictures in another email!
Sister Lauren Camilleri

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