Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 6 end of first transfer! Oreo companionship!

Hola familia y amigos!
I made it to my the end of my first transfer! It's is crazy how fast time has gone by! It is just moving along super fast and super slow at the same time. This week has been pretty slow. We got transfer calls on Saturday! Sister Huni and I are still companions in the Lone Mountain Stake. We did find out though that we are getting a third companion. Oh goodness I am slightly nervous. Adding another person into the mix is crazzzyyy. We pick her up at the transfer building tonight. Her name is Sister Sasa! She is from Samoa. So in other words we are like an Oreo and I just happen to be the delicious white creme. Haha it will be interesting to say the least but I have heard super good things about her! Like I said earlier this week was super slow. I got the stomach flu on Tuesday so all Wednesday I was stuck inside with a member while Sister Huni went to our appt with another member.It sucked to be inside all day and not doing the work. I was so sick of laying in bed but all is well now and that passed by in a day. Thursday was slow because we had weekly planning for like three hours but we met with one of our investigators and she is slowly progressing. We really have to take things slow because she is so young (13).   Then we had dinner with a less active family and that was interesting. He served in the army for 36 years and he was really awesome. He has guns everywhere. After dinner we went to the relief society activity and that ended our day. The rest of the week was pretty much spent making visits and seeing a couple of people. It is good to get to know more members but man we need some new investigators. One thing I have learned from visiting with less active members is that satan works super hard and wears down on people so much to make them feel like they aren't worth being apart of the gospel because of one thing or another. It is so important to self evaluate and think about the ways that we are letting satan attack us. We had a lesson with cherry this week and she told us that after reading some of the pamphlets she realized that there is something that she needs to take care of. So she has postponed her baptism date. I really love her! She is so honest and is set on getting baptized. We are still meeting with her and she is still coming to church so that is pretty good. I think she will get baptized within the next two months. This week was pretty slow but the work is really good and I am loving my mission! This next transfer will be interesting. I'm sorry this was super short but I wrote a super long one and then it got deleted so I'll write a better more detailed one next week! Love you alllllll! Today has been crazy so all your personal email might have to wait!

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