Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 11: 21 in Vegas!

This week has been pretty out of the normal missionary schedule. It
was interesting! Let start on last Monday! Monday night we had a rain
storm. It was the best thing ever. We even had the heater on in the
car. After dinner we went and made a visit to a less active family who
has a daughter on a mission in Guatemala! They were a really nice
family and man do they like to talk! They basically got baptized
because they wanted to support their daughter. It was cool that they
wanted to support her but they have no real understanding of the
gospel. So we are trying to go over there and help them really develop
a strong testimony of the gospel. After the lesson we went and tried
some other people but didn't get in and then we went home and I
managed to lose the keys to the house in the middle of a downpour. It
was just great. I was like a madman looking for those keys. We
couldn't find them anywhere so we went to the apartment gym and called
the elders to see if they had a flashlight and if they were home. They
weren't. Then a bright idea popped into my head that we should say a
prayer. Of course Sister Camilleri. A prayer is where you always
start. So we said a prayer and went back out to find the keys and of
course we found them in the place we had looked a million times.
Heavenly Father is a great man and he loved us so much that we found
our keys. It was a little testament of the love he has for us.
On Tuesday we had district meeting and had another great training with
our district leader. I swear he will be an apostle on day. He is just
so great. After that we went and had a zone lunch a Braddahs. It's
like a Hawaiian bbq place. My steak burrito was divine. Then we went
to the mission office and after dinner we made visits. We didn't get
in with anybody and then we got a text from Steph saying that she was
done with meeting with us. It was sad. I just love her and wish it
wasn't that way, but agency is a real thing and I have to accept her
usage of agency. We then had another meeting with our ward mission
leader. On Wednesday was sister Huni's 21 birthday! It was a fun day.
We did the normal missionary work but we also went out to lunch and
had a superb dinner with members. We sang to her and then made visits
for the rest of the day. We did t get in to see anybody but we tried.
Thursday was the start of the cold epidemic. Sister Huni was sick so
we stayed inside for the first half of the day and then I went on
exchanges with another set of sisters. We spent the rest of the day
making a couple of visits and then had a lesson with Mike. He has such
a desire to be baptized again but our actions have to line up with
what we say and that is where he struggles. Friday was pretty much the
same thing. We went on exchanges and spent most of the day in the
other sisters area. It was fun! I like exchanges for the most part.
Saturday was basically the same. Except I was in charge of the
schedule for our Saturday night exchange and we went and had two
lessons with some less actives, those went really well. I made one of
them cry because they felt the spirit. It was so cool! On Sunday
Sister Huni mustered up enough strength to make it to one of our wards
meetings on Sunday. They were really good. After that we came back and
she rested. I only took a little nap....then we had a packed Sunday
night. We had dinner with a member and an investigator. That was fun.
Then we found 2 new investigators. Ana and Ruth. They are mother and
daughter. Seriously the lord has prepared these people for us and our
message. They already knew so much with our lesson. It was amazing. I
loved it. We set them with a date and they are loving it! Then we had
another appointment with an investigator Kym. Her walls are starting
to break down and I really feel for her and her situation right now.
She doesn't know where to turn but we are working really hard to help
her feel the spirit and know of these things for herself. We read the
Book of Mormon with her. It was really awesome seeing her understand
what she is reading. I love the first chapter of the Book of Mormon it
really outlines to us what we need to do to be able to know if the
gospel is true. Seriously read it and pay attention to the first 12
verses. I'm hooked I cannot wait to finish the Book of Mormon again
and have a greater understanding! We had a zone devotional last night
to set Sunday apart from the other days, it was really good. I love
this mission! I love the things I'm learning and I love growing! I
hope anyone and everyone that is reading this knows that Heavenly
Father loves you and he wants to hear from you. Pray to him! I promise
he will answer you! He is the best man out there! I love you all!
Sister Lauren Camilleri

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