Saturday, August 8, 2015


Hello from the almost pretty mountains of Vegas!
I have officially been in the mission field for a week now and oh my what a week it has been. The members here are fantastic and help us out so much when it comes to working with people. i don't think i have every been around members that care about missionary work as much as we do. i serve in two wards so yesterday was a bit of a long church day but it didn't feel like i went to six hours of church because we were going in between the two wards all day. it was really great and there is a lot of love in this area. This week was a busy week. There was a lot of training that went on because im a new missionary so we weren't as active in the work as we normally would be but we still did have so great lessons and great people. On Wednesday we met at a members house for dinner and they had some nonmember friends there. D was a nonmember who had a member wife and when we were talking about the atonement it became so clear to me and to the people around us
that it is real. Jesus Christ suffered for each and every one of us and that is simply amazing. After talking about the atonement D committed to start taking the missionary lessons. We are starting them tonight. I think that there will be a lot of good that comes out of these lessons because we can see that he has a desire to find out for himself his relationship with Heavenly Father. Ever since i have been out here i have noticed how vital it is that we find things out for ourselves. These investigators will not get anything out of these lessons if they are not willing to pray about it and find out for themselves. I have noticed how important that is to my own life because if you are just going along with things because they sound right then you will not be able to have a strong testimony of it because you did not take the time to pray and find out for yourself. That is so essential to our growth in the gospel. I also had my first tracting and service opportunity. Tracting was interesting. there were
people that did not want to hear what we had to say but they surprisingly were still really and nice and we got so much water cause they felt bad for us. We helped a nonmember move into her house on Friday too. that was a good experience because you can see these people start to realize that the church isn't a bad church and we are not corrupt. some of the things people think amaze me. Hahaha. Sister Huni and I were also teaching a less active member this week and she had some really awesome quotes on her wall that I think everyone should take a minute to ponder about.
"write your worries in sand, carve your blessings in stone" and "The truths of the gospel are deep in my soul."
I seriously love both of these quotes so much. I love the first one because i think that it is telling us all that in the end our worries don't matter but it is the good things in life that we should remember. Every-time I read it it reminds me that I need to be a more positive person and that is something i really need to work on. The second one just simply blows me away. it tells me that the gospel should mean so much to us that it is carved deep into our souls and that as we grow we have the ability to have them in our soul as long as we are continuing to grow and be was good week in the field. not easy peasy but it was really good.I promise that if we try to find things out for ourselves and pray often that we will be able to receive our answers. i love you all.
-Sister Camilleri 

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