Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I made it to Vegas! I'm currently serving in the Lone Mountain Zone in
two different wards with massive areas. It's in North Las Vegas. So
far I'm really loving it here. My new trainer Sister Huni is from
Tonga and is one of the best people ever. She is honestly so sweet! My
mission president and wife are also really awesome and they are really
good people. I have a feeling Vegas is going to be great. We are
currently living with a less active member in her home. She is so
sweet and loving. Yesterday was a long day but it was also a really
good one. After our 5 hour intro meeting I met my trainer and we went
to dinner at a members home. They were awesome and we shared a special
message about becoming truly converted to the gospel and what that
really means. It was great to meet some members from here and see
their kindness that enfolds. After dinner we came home and planned a
little bit and then went to go teach K. K is a 17 year old girl that
is from a part member family but isn't baptized yet. It was our first
lesson with her and her mom. It was so great. The spirit was so strong
there and we talked about everything in the restoration and then I
asked her to be baptized and she said yes! It was so good and that was
the first time that we had seen her. The spirit honestly was so strong
but I'm stilling trying to grasp how to properly have the
companionship of the Holy Ghost in our lessons and use him as a
teacher. Today was also good we had study time and then zone meeting
for intros then after we went and taught a less active member Sis.D.
She was the sweetest little lady and was so loving towards us and what
we do. Then we went shopping for food and guess who I ran into??? Meri
Brown from the Sister Wives...they live about 2 blocks outside of our
area. It was so weird but she was really nice and talked to us so
great. Now I am at home writing this up. We have more lessons tonight
which I'm excited for. The members are so great and I can't wait for
church so that I can meet more of them.

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