Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week Four: K got baptized! We are moving!

Hello all!
I hope all is well with each and everyone on of you and that you haven't forgotten about me quite yet! This week was a little bit rough but it ended with a great baptism and great news that we are moving into an apartment! Let me just share some things from this week. Last Sunday we received a referral from the mission office for a woman named Cherry! The older sisters that work in the mission office had run into to her when she was dropping off mail (she is a mail woman) and started talking to her and gave her a Book of Mormon. We met with her last Sunday for the first time and she is literally one of the most humble and sincere people I have ever met. She has four boys and has been wanting to find some answers to some questions she has. We committed her to a baptismal date next month and we have met with her 3 times since then. They came to church on Sunday and they loved it and he boys loved primary. It was a really good experience for them. It was really awesome seeing how everything had played out for her because the gospel came into her life right when she needed it. She has so much potential and she already identifies herself as a Mormon. She is so solid. I just love her. We have been having a member come with us to every lesson that we have with her and that has been SO helpful. Member missionary work is necessary for the Lords plan to be accomplished. It has been a great experience. The rest of the week was fairly slow we had a couple lessons with some investigators and less actives and they were good but somewhat defeating I guess. We spent majority of the week trying to get Kiana ready for her baptism on Saturday. She was so ready for baptism. The baptism on Saturday went so great. She had so much family from different states come and support her and it was so great to see all the love and support that was brought to her. It was kinda of weird though because I felt like I was at a friends baptism instead of at an investigators baptism who I
played a role in. It hasn't really set on yet that I play a role in helping these people come unto their loving Heavenly Father. We also had some great Hawaiian food after from a family in one of my ward and it was so good! It feels so good to watch people you love come into the fold. I seriously love the people I teach so much it is almost bizarre because I thought that was something I was really going to struggle with but it hasn't been hard for me yet. Sister Huni and I are still getting a long pretty well. I think that we are getting over that honeymoon stage and onto the point where we need to learn how to overcome each others differences. I'm so grateful for her though and the love hat she shows me when I'm in a horrible mood because I'm tired and for the example that she has been for me. Seriously she is the best trainer a girl could ever have! We also got the call on Friday that we are moving into an apartment right outside of our area!Thank goodness! Living with Our member has been pretty good except for the fact that she doesn't believe in air conditioning and the heat puts me to sleep everyday. Seriously it is such a struggle getting awake and staying awake. I'm excited to move and be able to have be as cold as I want it to be! Yay sweatshirt weather! Haha. Since we cover
two wards in our stake we go to six hours of church. Honestly six hours usually goes by pretty fast and I enjoy it a lot but yesterday was slightly exhausting. Missionary work is exhausting and sometimes I wanna watch Netflix all day but like I said last week It is so worth it! I love it. I can't believe that I have already been out for a month! Craziness! I have to speak next week in one of our wards and I have to sing with Sister Huni. She basically volunteered us but we are singing with the ukulele so hopefully all will go well and Heavenly Father will bless the ears of those listening cause we all know I am not a singer. Haha I'm excited to take about conversion though and get in front of the ward and show them that I'm ready to work.We also went to one of our investigators twins birthday party and we posed as a mermaid and a pirate. It was a lot of fun! They are the cutest girls! I love you all so much and appreciate the love that has
been shown and felt.
Ps. We may have had a mini photo shoot #sistermissionarylife Also when you have rough day or you meet goals for, the previous week you treat yourself to some good old froyo
-Sister Lauren Camilleri

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