Monday, August 17, 2015

Week Two: I want some authentic Mexican food

Hello Hello Hello from the still not that pretty Vegas!
This week was slow. We spent two days at our Stakes Girls Camp so that totally threw us off schedule. They were super fun days though and we even had a dance party on Friday to non motab music and I jammed so hard. Literally had people coming up to me telling me that I was an awesome dancer. I mean what can I say I can never not dance when there is music on. Sister Huni even got a video of it but I'll keep that to myself talk about embarrassing! It was some super fun days though at camp and we got to know the girls in our wards so much better and we had about four investigator there so it was good to go and see them. It was really fun but it threw us so off on Saturday so we were not the best missionaries on Saturday because we were lagging so much.Yesterday was a rough day. One of the wards that we cover has been a little hard to deal with and it is frustrating because we have a lot of potentials in the ward but we need there help because we won't always be there for the investigators but I know it will get better as Sister Huni and I learn how to work with them and help them understand our work and our purpose. Our other ward is literally the best though, I love them so much! K is getting baptized on the 22nd and we are so excited for her! She honestly is one of the sweetest spirits that I have ever met and she has a great support system around her. I love seeing her come closer to her Heavenly Father and realizing that there is something bigger than herself that I watching over her and wants the best for her. D is progressing. The lesson that we had last Monday
was good. We found out that he knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but that he is afraid of the commitment. We have some work to do but I think we will see something good come out of our lessons.It is so weird how I love all these people that I meet and how much I want them to come to know for themselves that the things that testify of are true. It is hard to not be able to do that for them. I do know though that in order for anyone to want to know for themselves then they have act for themselves. This gospel is all about action and it takes a lot of work. Sometimes it can be disheartening to our investigator and us because we know it is worth it but they cannot see it yet. So far my mission has been very rewarding and I have learned lot about myself but it is definitely not easy work. It is emotionally exhausting. I love it though. Someone told me the other day that this
might not be the best 18 months of my entire life, but it will be the best 18 months for my life. That is so true. I'm sure I will have better 18 months but I will be eternally blessed by doing the work of the Lord for the rest of my life. Also on a sidenote I have had so much Mexican food this last week and it is fairly good but I miss some good authentic Home cooked food even though we literally had rice and beans every day at home. I also miss Seattle, now that I'm gone I miss the green and rain and the beauty of home. Seriously Las Vegas is only pretty at night. Anyway life is great here in Las Vegas and the work is moving a long. I love you all!
Sister Lauren Camilleri

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