Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hey Everyone! 
It's Thursday today is my pday so im finally able to write you all! Ahh I dont even where to start. it has been one long long long week! Seriously! Im not going to say that it has been an easy week because it hasnt at all but it has been an interesting one filled with a lot of growth and questioning if what I was doing. ive i probably cried everyday out of frustration because teaching the gospel isnt as easy as I thought but honestly I am learning so much and I love this gospel even more thatn I did when I got here. Let me just review my week with you. When i got here on Wednesday i was immediately thrown into a whirlwind of exciting stuff. I wake up at 6 every morning workout eat and get to class at 8:30 then we study and learn and all that good stuff then lunch and a three hour class and then dinner and a three hour class and then back to the room where you have like 30 minutes to shower and get ready for bed and then your journal and lights out at 10:30. I share a room with five other girls. It was interesting at first but i already love these people more than I thought I could. My companion is a saint. we are very similar for the most part. She is from Kentucky and loves everything outdoors. i love her. Its been hard adjusting to missionary life and it has been both a blessing and a curse but honestly life here at the MTC is interesting and I love it. i leave for Vegas on Monday at 3:35am and then i will be off into the real world of missionary work. There are a couple of things that i have learned this week that I hope with be an insight to the importance of me being a servant to the Lord.
1. We started teaching investigators on friday and I didnt know anything. i guess you could say that it has been hard to simplify the gospel into the basics because I want people to grasp that this is true. I learned that I needed to be more humble and trust in Lord. Relying on the Lord is not a weakness.
2. There are a lot of things that I should have done before I left for my mission. I should have studied my scriptures more and Preach My Gospel but I didnt and i have been so humbled to realize that whatever I ask of the Lord he will help and that his grace is real. No matter how much I dont know ever since being here I have come to love my scriptures even more. The Book of Mormon seriously is another testament of Jesus Christ words.
ive really tried to be able to have the spirit with me at all times because listening to the spirit is vital for teaching the restored gospel. You would think that that has been easy after you get set apart to be a missionary for the Lord but it isnt. I am constantly trying to remind myself to have the spirit and to be humble. I love you guys so much and although I miss home and especially the rain, i know that I am here for a greater reason than just myself. I cant wait to find out what that reason is. 
-Sister Camilleri

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