Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 18: A Savior is Born!‏

Hello! This week was a pretty good week! It was Sister Kurtz's last week in the mission so it was a bit crazy and a bit bittersweet! I'm sorry this email is a little late it is transfer Monday and those are always crazy! We received our transfer calls on Friday. I am staying in The Centennial Hills YSA ward! My new companion is Sister Reed! I don't know her very well yet but I have heard a lot of good things about her. I think it will be a really good companionship! This was spent doing basically two things: preparing for the musical devotional that was last night and preparing for Shaiquans baptism that was on Saturday. The musical devotional was amazing and the spirit was so strong. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it and that we could help others remember the importance of Christmas. At the fireside they released the churches new Christmas video. I love it so much. The name of the initiative is called A Savior is Born. It is so good and it really helps me to remember why we celebrate Christmas and to discover for myself why a Savior being born is important to me. I'm grateful for my savior because he was born and suffered for me I can choose not to suffer. He professed his love for us in a beautiful heart wrenching way and there could be nothing better. Because a Savior is Born I can be Heavenly Fathers once again. Without that knowledge and ability I would be lost. It is a beautiful video and a beautiful message. I invite all of you to watch it. We also had Shaiquans baptism on Saturday! It was such a good day! He was so happy and there were many people that were supporting him. It was amazing. I'm grateful that I was able to teach because he has taught me more about the power of prayer. He speaks oboist it with so much conviction that you want to just get down right there and pray. It is crazy awesome. I loved his testimony. Thanksgiving was really good as well. We watched the elders and nonmembers play football and had a blast. Then we had two dinners and then we got approved to watch Hercules and Mulan. It was a fun night. Of course I missed everyone at home for thanksgiving but I was also surrounded by wonderful people. Other than that our week was not super exciting but it was good! I hope you all can remember why we celebrate Christmas and check out the video. I love you all! Happy Almost December!

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