Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 15: Alicia gets baptized!!!!!‏

Hello! How is everyone? We had a super weird week this week. First all its been getting pretty cold in Vegas. It even snowed in the mountains! It was crazy but it also was kind of lame because we spent most of our week walking. Let's just say I didn't come to Vegas prepared to be cold! We had a total of one lesson and one baptism and confirmation this week! Those are some interesting statistics buts it okay it made for a pretty boring/interesting week! On Monday night we had a family home evening activity with our ward. We went to a park and they played beach volleyball while we mingled with members and investigators. This was after having a really good lemon chicken dinner with a member too! Monday wasn't that great of a day for multiple reasons so I was feeling a tad bit down about everything. Then a member came up to us and said that we were being to pushy. I never wanted to be the pushy missionary but now I know how and why we do what we do. It's hard but it's because we love them! The biggest thing though was that we had followed the spirit in all of our lessons and it was hard to hear. Tuesday we both got a blessing. My blessing was just flat out exactly what I needed. I loved it. It gave me so much strength. We didn't do much Tuesday except walk a lot. Our lessons fell through. We did contact someone at a 7 eleven who at that moment really needed a friend but so far nothing has come out of that but it was still super cool! On Wednesday we went on exchanges because Sister Kurtz had mission leadership counsel. I spent the day with two sisters in the Tule Springs Stake. That was fun. After that we had some pizza with members and walked for the rest of the night. We did get some hot chocolate from 7 Eleven. That was GOOD. On Thursday we had zone training. Our zone leaders gave a really really good training on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon. Seriously I loved it. After that I was feeling a bit nauseas so I took a nap and got some Sprite. Friday we went to the Temple! It was so good! I seriously just love that place so much! I went with a couple of questions and totally got my answered. It was amazing! I felt so good. After the temple we had a lesson with Dayne who is a recent convert. He is doing really really well! That was good. We didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day so visited some members. It was fun! This weekend was really good though! We had Alicia's baptism and confirmation on Saturday! It was so awesome to see her walk into the waters of baptism because she looked so happy. She has come so far so it really was a miracle to see her after all she had done to change and have her come to accept the Lord. It was a great baptism and a good day! We needed the day with more visits! Yay! Sunday we had a regional broadcast. That was really good! Then we weekly planned and had dinner with the members we live with. It was a good week despite the walking and cold! The man upstairs is good! I love you all! Sister Lauren Camilleri

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